Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker

Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker
Hot And Cold Smoke
Durable Powered Epoxy Steel
9 Types of Wood Bisquettes
Clean Burning Which Makes Food Taste Better
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Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker
Bradley Smoker 6 Rack Digital Electric Smoker

Editor Review

This self contained, clean burning digital six rack smoker is very easy to use. This product is great for those individuals who often enjoy cooking for large or small groups since its very easy to barbecue, roast or smoke without the need to constantly monitoring the smoker. With such a large interior you will be able to cook for large gatherings in half the time a normal smoker would take you but with a much better taste. The digital control panel lets you manipulate the time, temperature and amount of smoke on what type of foods you’re currently preparing.

You can choose between 2 different smoking methods: cold or hot. For hot smoking you can choose temperatures that range between 180 – 250 degrees which is great for meats such as fish, steak, lamb chops and more. The cold temperature will take a bit longer but is great for foods that are salt curing such as bacon, ham and certain types of fish which have temperatures that range between 60 – 80. Made from steel that’s been epoxy powered and a stainless steel interior, this smoker is very durable and will hold up over time. This product offers nine different flavors of hardwood bisquettes, full digital control, six cooking racks, and over 8 hours of controlled cool smoke

Product Details

  Complete digital control
  6 full cooking racks
  Cooks chicken, beef, fish and pork
  Up to 8 hours of cool smoking
  9 different flavors of hardwood bisquettes

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