Bradley Propane Smoker

Bradley Propane Smoker
Quality of a Bradley Smoker but Portable Too
Both Hot & Cold Smokes
Runs on 1 lbs Propane Bottle & 4 AA Batteries
Heats up to 300 Degrees F
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Editor Review

The Bradley Propane Smoker is an all purpose smoker that can hot smoke, cold smoke and also roast with very little intervention. The Bradley propane smoker uses the patented bisquettes with 9 different types of woods for all your smoking preferences. This smoker is also lightweight and portable, weighting only 20 lbs. and measuring 2 feet tall, 2 feet wide and 1 foot in depth, this smoker can be brought with you to any smoking destination.

It also runs on a 1 lbs bottle of propane and only 4 AA batteries so camping or tailgating with this smoker is very easy. It has all the comforts of the full size Bradley line of smokers but in a more compact design. If you plan on picking up a portable smoker, this smoker should definitely be on your short list.

Product Details

  Runs on propane
  Can be stored in it’s own little carrying bag
  Has a total of 4 racks to cook on
  Can heat up to 300 F
  Can use any of the 9 different flavors of wood supplied by Bradley

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