When buying an electric smoker, it is important to consider several things before making your purchase. Here is a breakdown of several different types of electric smokers so you can accurately and efficiently compare them. As with any smoker, you will want your own thermometer to make sure you have an accurate temperature reading no matter what your smoker says.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Electric SmokersThis four shelf electric smoker gives you the tools to smoke large amounts of meat while still having a fairly portable smoker that can cook 30 pounds plus of meat. There are, of course, larger smokers available, but if you are planning on cooking 30 pounds or less of meat, this is a fantastic smoker. There is an attached digital thermometer that is very accurate, so most customers have not had to use their own thermometer. The smoker uses relatively small amounts of wood to create that delicious smoked flavor that you love in your meat. Customers who use the Masterbuilt Electric Smokers recommend it without reservation.

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Bradley BTIS1 Smoker

Bradley BTIS1 SmokerThis is a superbly built smoker. This 4 rack smoker reaches temperatures up to 280 degrees which it can maintain consistently for 8 hours without refueling your smoker. The Bradley BTIS1 runs off of wood flavored bisquettes creating a fireless smoke system. This smoker is the perfect tool for both the novice and the expert smoker with many features that can be customized as your smoking experience continues. The smoker also excels as a slow cooker or a slow roasting oven, with both hot and cool smoke settings. Because of the wood flavored bisquettes, there is no funny aftertaste to your meat, allowing your guests to savor your smoked meats the way they were meant to be enjoyed. This smoker is one of the most widely used and recommended on the market.

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Meco Electric Smoker

Meco Electric Smoker 5030Meco Electric Smokers offer fantastic heat and smoke control with their combo water smoker option. This model uses water and a heat coil to create a controlled steam smoke that penetrates the food with a deep smoked flavor that can’t be equaled. The Meco Electric Smoker can hold up to 50 lbs of meat on its racks, from thick cut steaks to thin strips of bacon. The porcelain bowl holds roughly 5 quarts of water, leaving you free to do whatever you like for five hours while your meat smokes. Best of all, when you do run out of wood and water, you can refill the smoker without even opening it up, allowing for heat conservation.

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Smokin-It Model #1

Smokin-It Model #1The Smokin-It electric smoker is an extremely portable meat smoking machine. It smokes at a range of 100-250 degrees meaning you can get a very decent smoke out of your meats. The Smokin-It can hold just under 25 pounds of meat and seafood. Customers who use the Smokin-It model are very satisfied with this basic smoker. They love it for its simplicity and flawless smoked meat that comes out every single time.

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Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey Electric SmokerThe Old Smokey is the most bang for your buck. While this smoker is a very basic and simple model, it is inexpensive and easy to use. The Old Smokey has a flat top meaning that all the juices end up right back on your food where you want them. The Old Smokey also uses wood chips in a removable bottom tray to release that delicious smoked flavor. Although it is a basic model, you can adjust the temperature and time settings to create many different types of meat. The Old Smokey is very light weight and portable and can meet all your smoking needs without having to pay a lot of money. With that being said, you will probably not be able to cook more than 20 pounds of meat at a time, but you will be able to have those 20 pounds smoked to perfection.

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Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker

Bradley Digital 6 Rack SmokerWhile the Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker is on the pricey end, you certainly get your money’s worth. This smoker has full digital control, 8 hours of controlled cool smoke, 6 cooling racks, 9 different flavors of hard wood and the ability to cook meat, chicken, pork, and fish. This smoker is excellent for when you want to feed a crowd or when you want to store some smoked meat away. You can use both hot and cool smoke features with this digital smoker.  The hot smoke feature is great for meats and fish, while the cool smoke feature is generally used for meats that need more curing time such as ham and bacon. This electric smoker uses exceptionally clean Bradley flavor biquettes to maintain a consistent temperature and also to leave the food without a weird aftertaste. If you are looking to smoke foods frequently and at a high volume, this is the smoker for you.

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Electric Meat Smokers

Electric meat smokers give you the smoky taste you love in your meat without having to slave over the charcoal and wood every hour like you normally would. Electric smokers are flameless and therefore are usually allowed in apartment complexes and areas where open flames are not allowed. The electric meat smokers are a perfect way for a busy man to smoke his meats. The meats will smoke largely unattended, leaving you free to do other things. Another advantage to an electric meat smoker is that anyone can smoke meats. Even a novice can make great tasting smoked meat. You won’t meet many purists with electric smokers (they usually prefer hovering over the fire every hour or so), but the electric meat smoker is a wonderful and convenient way to get tasty smoked meat with little of the hassle.

Electric Smokers are easy to use and convenient while giving you tender, tasty meat. And an electric smoker gives you a set-it-and-forget-it level of convenience that no other smoker can provide. With almost no experience in smoking meat, you can produce perfectly cured hams and bacons, and flavorful smoked fishes.

While traditional smokers require constant tending, an electric smoker does all the work. All you do is add meat, set the thermometer, timer, and smoke gauge, and pop a few chunks of hardwood into the wood box. As long as the power stays on, your electric smoker will quietly do its job without any work from you. If you must use an extension cord with your smoker, use a heavy-duty cord, only as long as you need. Depending on the amount of meat you want to cook as well as extra features you may want to have, there will always be an electric cooker right for your needs.