Camerons Products Emeril-Approved Smoker Bags, Alder, Pack of Six

Camerons Products Emeril-Approved Smoker Bags, Alder, Pack of Six
Great Recipes Inside Bag
Amazing Smoked Taste
Perfect For Any Grill Or Oven
Perfect For Fish, Meats And Vegetables
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Editor Review

These bags are great for smoking vegetables, potatoes, fish and many other favorites that you prefer to have the rich smoky taste as your favorite restaurants. You can use these smoke bags on the grill or oven to give a mild to medium smoke taste. In today’s busy world, we usually don’t have the time to prepare the meals we would like to make. These bags turn any grill or oven into a smoker so even if you’re short on time you can have the perfect smoked meal any time that you want. Going out camping and want some great smoked meals? Perfect! They’re great for even campfires, the possibilities are endless.

There are numerous benefits to these smoker bags, including the fact that you’ll have the perfect wood smoked flavor that we all crave within just a matter of minutes. The package comes with basic instructions and for those folks new to smoking, there as bonus recipes included to help those who are new to smoking their foods. This set of smoking bags can be used with a variety of herbs and spices which makes being creative easy. You can also choose to use alder wood chips to help give your smoked foods an enhanced flavor.

Product Details

  Great Wood Smoked Flavor in Minutes
  Recipes included inside of package
  Alderwood chips give smoked food a wonderful smoked flavor
  The smoking bag is compatible with all kinds of herbs and spices

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