Smoke Hollow Smokers, Outdoor Leisure (Propane-Gas)

Smoke Hollow Smokers, Outdoor Leisure (Propane-Gas)
Best Gas Smoker
Easy to Use
Produces Great Smoke Rings
Uses Very Little Propane
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Editor Review

We recently received the Smoke Hollow Smoker made by Outdoor Leisure (propane-gas model) to include in our Best Smokers of 2011 Round Up. Although this smoker did not make it into our Top 3 Smokers of 2011, it’s still a great smoker and the best gas smoker we’ve tested to date.

Our Smoke Hollow Smoker arrived very well packaged with no scrapes or dents to the smoker, assembly was a snap and took only about 25 minutes. The smoker is very easy to use, much like a gas grill. Fill up the water pan, load up some wood chips and turn the gas on. Once preheated, put in your meats and turn down the gas. That’s it, you’ll have some wonderful smoked pork, chicken or fish to share with your family and friends. During our rigorous testing we even had some beautiful smoke rings on our ribs and meats.

If you’re looking for a well rounded smoker and your partial to propane, this is an excellent smoker. We give this smoker two thumbs up, this is the smoker you want in your backyard.

Product Details

  Push button ignition for easy lighting
  Includes water pan and porcelain coated wood chip box
  3 cooking tiers with variable temperature controls
  Easy to transport with two side handles and very easy to assembly
  Measuring in at 16 x 14 x 34 inches

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