You’re sitting in your sunny backyard with a cold one in your hand, your kids are in plain sight playing nicely with the neighbor’s kids, and your deck is occupied with friends and family. Your favorite tunes are playing and best of all – your senses are being toyed with by the mouth watering smell of smoked meat coming from your Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. No, this isn’t a dream; it could be you this weekend.

Good times are made up of good people, cold drinks, delicious food, and more delicious food. Weber has found a way to increase the amount of good times you experience by tenfold thanks to their new Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. Bland meats are no longer an option with this charcoal smoker that blesses your food with an authentic smokehouse flavor that will have the jealous Joneses next-door begging for your recipe. The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is huge, yet compact thanks to its bullet shape which allows you to accommodate an entire turkey AND an entire ham at the same time. The Weber Smokey Mountain is no sissy either, measuring in at 41 by 19 by 19, made of porcelain-enameled steel and 2 nickel-plated 18-1/2 inch-wide cooking grates; this smoker will outlast any of its scrap metal competitors.

The Weber Smokey Mountain holds the crown among bullet smokers; you won’t find a smoker that provides better quality at such a low price. Let’s talk about temperature control. Temperature control is an essential part of smoking the meat to that perfect sweet spot, the Weber Smokey Mountain allows for some of the finest tuning of temperature control bullet designed smokers allow for. If purchasing a smoker for the backyard is on your to-do list, the Weber Smokey Mountain is the perfect smoker for you.

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is your key to creating the perfect old-fashioned, slow-cooked barbecue. Don’t confuse its value with lack of versatility, just because it’s currently available at such a low price doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever, nor does it mean it’s not capable of advanced barbecue. The Webster Smokey Mountain is far from a rare sight at competitive barbecue events, in fact, its bullet shape makes transport extremely easy. Webster’s Smokey Mountain is more than capable for the backyard, or the competition site.

The Webster Smokey Mountain smoker makes an excellent transition into the world of smoked meats for anybody looking to add that classic flavor to their friendly gatherings. Get better tasting food today.